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Case Study - Fund Model

Starting with a model which had to be manually linked to include new assets, our mandate was to build a model which could be used to include new assets seamlessly and then assist the asset managers in tracking performance, whilst consolidating valuation outputs and simplifying their reporting process.

Following an initial consultation with the client to get an insight into their Fund, the project manager agreed the key functionality the model should include. Using one of the ICAEW’s three approved modelling standards, AVL were able to design and build a model which had the flexibility to add new assets, could effortlessly switch between scenarios and could be updated on a quarterly basis with the Fund’s cashbook and accounts, with model checks designed to alert the user to any potential issues.

FM graph1.png
FM graph2.png

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During the model build, AVL had weekly catch-up calls with the Client to discuss progress, query specific business processes and ensure the model met the Fund’s requirements.

On completion of the model build, we had produced a model which contained inputs sections which linked directly to Fund documentation, workings containing RCF, management fee & full distribution waterfall and outputs clearly showing asset performance and fund performance using the KPI’s utilised by our Client.

Following the handover of the model to the client, we provided training to the model users and supported them through the first model update process creating a smooth handover providing the Client with an easier reporting process. We have continued to be involved with the model update process by doing a model review, providing assurance to the Client.

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