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Case Study - Acquisition Support

Our mandate was to provide modelling support on the acquisition of a small broadband business based in the UK, with a planned fibre rollout.

With the management model too basic to provide a reliable bid price, we built a robust acquisition model that gave the client confidence in their bid price. We used our acquisition model to identify issues in the vendor model that would materially impact valuation and presented these to the vendor, with client approval, to support a transparent negotiation process. We also helped to obtain vendor buy-in for a price calculated in the new acquisition model, by demonstrating the model to them and supporting with any queries they had.

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Fibre Optics

By working closely with the acquisition team, we ensured that there was a quick turnaround on each model iteration.


Our simple model structure, with an easy-to-use interface, allowed for efficient sensitivity analysis with immediate results, as well as easily removable upside scenarios such that the client could provide models suitable for sending to the vendor.


Our forward planning enhanced the turnaround times of scenario analysis during the Investment Committee process. This helped us to deliver to the tight timescale that had been agreed.

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